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Alisha Beeler

State House, District 26 - Position 2
Washington, Republican


Alisha is a hard working mother of 2 children ages 13 and 8. Alisha is running for office because she is tired of Conservatives being “part time” and seeks to provide an opportunity for her children to grow up in a free and prosperous environment. She is very vocal about her stances and is proud to be a Conservative both in name and principle.

Alisha an incredibly knowledgeable on the Constitution, having obtained three masters degrees in public administration, public policy and political science from Liberty University, and is currently working towards a PhD in Public Policy.

While Alisha has never held any public office, with her Constitutional knowledge and having served as a pre-trial service officer in the Superior Court for the last 6 years, she has seen exactly how the system works and what needs to be fixed. She is an ideal Constitutional Candidate with all the tools necessary accomplish her goals.

Political Info

Currently Running for
State House, District 26 - Washington


Phone: (360) 229-0098





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