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Our goal is to facilitate the election of candidates, regardless of party, who demonstrate and advocate for a return to constitutional governance and maximum liberty for the individual. The purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to define the enumerated powers of the federal government to ensure and protect the God-given natural rights of the People. Constitutional Grassroots Movement [CGM] members and candidates endorsed by the CGM recognize the present and increasing subversion of the Constitution, and the subsequent erosion of the People’s inalienable rights. As such, we are compelled to uphold, defend, and restore the original intent of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights – to secure life, liberty, and property, enabling the pursuit of happiness for all.
The principles behind a limited government were to allow the People to govern themselves and to restrain the government from having the ability to legislate every aspect of our lives. Our federal government’s size and reach have expanded well beyond those limitations due to many factors, including corruption among elected officials and lack of accountability. This has resulted in a usurpation of the People’s ability to govern themselves
To effect a return to the proper role of the federal government, we support and promote the planned, intentional, and strategic transfer to the States or to the People, the responsibility of all powers and rights that the federal government has usurped and stolen from them by the erroneous application of the General Welfare Clause and the Interstate Commerce Clause.
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