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David Dudenhoefer

US House, District 13
Michigan, Republican

David Dudenhoefer 1.jpg

With 20 years of experience in the private sector, David has all of the knowledge necessary to know how the economy functions and what it needs to actually thrive. He has also worked tirelessly as a political activist over the years, advocating for individual liberty, and has served as the district chair for the 13th Congressional District Republican Committee since 2013.

David Dudenhoefer is a lifelong resident of Wayne County. He and his newly-wed wife currently live in the Boston-Edison historic district and both work in the city of Detroit.

With a solid understanding of the Constitution, a strong love for Liberty, and the experience as a District chair and in the private sector, David has all the tools necessary to succeed in a campaign for office, and make a difference while there.

While in office, David aims to continue his activism for individual liberty, countering the failed socialist messaging, and offer the best pathway towards a sustained peace and personal prosperity through liberty.

His goal is to be a tireless representative of 700,000 individuals, to repeal laws which detract from liberty, and support policies which place individual rights above all. He is wanting to use the platform to empower individuals, promote a sound monetary system which will create a level playing field for individuals to thrive in life, restrain government overreach, limit our military conflicts, and help restore the people as masters over their servant government.

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Currently Running for
US House, District 13 - Michigan







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