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Joseph Brumbles

Lt. Governor
Washington, Republican

Joseph Brumbles 1.jpg

Joseph Brumbles, father of 2, is a hard fighting Constitutionalist and takes his Oath of Office very seriously. He works hard to hold all establishment politicians accountable to the Constitution, and isn't afraid to stand up to establishment leaders. He also actively works within the community to elect other Constitutional minded candidates within the State.

Having ran for office in 2018 for US House, Joseph has gained valuable campaign experience to use in the upcoming 2020 election cycle for Lt. Governor.

Joseph makes no exception to the Constitution, and will call it as he sees it when confronted with corruption and cronyism from the political elite. As a Constitutionalist, Joseph seeks accountability at all levels of government, expects all elected representatives to uphold their oath, and seeks to bring government back to the respective duties prescribed by the US and State Constitutions.

Joseph stands with We The People in an effort to maintain all of our rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

Political Info

Currently Running for
Lt. Governor for Washington State


Phone: (702) 501-3599





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