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Malena Chastain

State House, District 37
Massachusetts, Republican

Malena Chastain.jpg

Malena’s a young upcoming woman taking a stand for Liberty. She has a husband is in the military, and is a mother of 4 daughters. and 3 grand children

Malena has been politically active for quite some time, involving herself in many petitions and initiatives across the nation as well as testifying at Statehouses across the Republic against unconstitutional laws. 

She has taught at Camp Constitution in Massachusetts, and is the founder of Daughters for Liberty to give women a path to activism through civics classes, Constitutional classes and classes on activism. Daughters for Liberty also works actively to encourage community service and getting involved in your community. Malena has decided to step down from her position with Daughters for Liberty and left it in the hands of a very well trusted associate who still pushes and promotes all of the founding principles for DOL.

As a survivor of sexual assault, Malena also is very passionate about women being armed so that they do not also become victims. She and Daughters for Liberty train on firearm safety, and use as well as self-defense courses.

Malena has an immense amount of knowledge with regards to the Constitution and has shown that she has more than enough passion to stand up against the corruption in our modern political system. She has plenty of experience standing up and being voice against all unconstitutional legislation, and fighting back against corruption already. She is now taking it all a set further with her campaign for State House.

Political Info

Currently Running for
State House, District 37 - Massachusetts


Phone: (903) 403-0104





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