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Marlena Nobles

Independent Candidate
Oklahoma State Senate - District 8

  • I am non-apologetic anti abortion of any kind.
  • I am a devout LCMS member.
  • I am Conservative.
  • I believe in Limited government intrusion on your life.
  • I believe the Constitution is a contract between the Government and the Governed. I believe in Original Intent and do not support the idea that this is a living breathing document that should be changed.
  • I believe that you the people are to be served, not ruled over.
  • I believe integrity, honesty, and accountability needs to be restored in government.
Want to learn more about Marlena Nobles, her principles, 
and how you can help elect her to office?
It is time for the people of Oklahoma to have a contract with their Government. I will enter into such a contract giving you promises I can keep, and keeping those promises. Equally important I will not make promises that I can not keep. If I do not keep my word, I will expect you the citizens to remove me from office.

I will work to serve the citizens and their concerns and needs while I hold the Office of Senator. I strongly believe in the States Rights to govern that which was not allocated to the Central Government. Usurpation of the State’s rights to govern its citizens will not be acceptable. I believe the Federal Government’s Powers were limited in Scope defined by the first 10 Amendments in the US Constitution. 
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