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Mary Burkett

US Representative for Utah
District 2, Republican

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Mary Burkett is a Proud Utah resident & Univ. of Utah Graduate. She will be a TRUE Conservative Voice in Congress. Mary is a Pro- Life Leader, Wife, Mother of 6, Grandmother of 30 and a former Business Owner and Entrepreneur. She is a Utah Republican Party Member, Leader and Activist and is proud to be a States Rights Constitutional Conservative.

Mary has been involved in Republican politics in Utah for many years and is well-known in Republican circles statewide. During years of volunteer work in Utah Republican politics, Mary has served as a Precinct Chair, Washington County Vice-Chair, and as a member of the Utah Republican State Central Committee. Mary is the epitome of a grassroots Republican volunteer, attending committee meetings, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and being a leader in her community.

As a Constitutional Conservative, Mary believes in individual responsibility and accountability as the best way to live the American dream.

Political Info

Currently Running for
US Representative for Utah
District 2, Republican


Phone: (801) 792-5423





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