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Matt Gurtler

US House, District 9
Georgia, Republican

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Matt Gurtler is a sitting State Representative for the Georgia House of Representatives. He became very involved in politics at a young age after he went to an R.O.T.C. He believed that IF we were going to war, that it should be openly debated rather than arbitrarily pushed. Ron Paul was a large influence on Matt during this time. Matt also supported Ron Paul's campaign by promoting him on campus during his time at R.O.T.C.

His Parents have also been very politically active throughout his life, helping him grow a strong understanding of right and wrong. His mother was an alternate delegate for the GOP National Convention in 2012, and is currently the second vice-chair of the Rabun County GOP.

When Matt first ran for office in 2016, he had the entire establishment GOP fight against him, donating their money to his opponent in mass. Having an extremely uphill battle, Matt actually won the primary and had to perform a runoff election where he took 61% of the vote in a huge win against the establishment in his region.

Following his election, other establishment GOP and representatives pressured him and tried to persuade him to vote along party lines and however they wanted. However, Matt refused to cater to them, and was the only person to vote no on their next budget vote. Since then, he has constantly been battling against establishment politics and has maintained the strongest Conservative and Constitutional voting record in Georgia for the last 4 years.

Despite the pressure from the establishment, Matt has maintained his principles and refused to cater to to them, still demanding Constitutionalism and Fiscal Conservatism all along the way.

Now, Matt is working to take his fight to the Federal side of things. He is running for US House, District 9 - Georgia in order to hold the Federal Government accountable to the Constitution and maintain a higher standard.

Political Info

Currently Running for
US House, District 9 - Georgia


Phone: (470) 228-0734





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