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Matt Marshall

State House, District 2
Washington, Republican

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Matt Marshall is a husband, a father, a patriot, community leader, veteran and Constitutionalist.

Matt served in the armed forces for 12 years active duty and 3 in reserves. He served 2 tours overseas and became very politically active after retiring from the armed forces.

Matt is the leader of the Washington 3% which is a 501c4 organization that does charitable works with Homeless Veteran outreach and community support. He is also on his local School Board and been increasingly frustrated with how funds are allocated to the schools, and what they are allocated for. That combined with a strong sense of duty and the Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, he is equally frustrated with the lack of accountability of those in office, Matt has chosen to run for State House in an effort to bring Constitutional Accountability to Washington State, and influence a better budgetary system for Washington State Education.

Matt, also works very closely with the State Sheriffs association to maintain Constitutional adherence,  accountability and to reject unconstitutional laws.

Matt Marshall has proven himself with a Consistent background to be a premier Constitutional Candidate that puts his words in to action in every avenue available to him.

If you are looking for a change in the Status Quo political landscape of Washington, and a return to Constitutionalism, Matt Marshall is a Candidate that you need to look in to and vote for.

Political Info

Currently Running for
State House, District 2 - Washington


Phone: (931) 241-2320





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