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Phil Kurtz

US House, District 29 - Texas


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Phil a Conservative Libertarian that lives in Katy TX with his wife of 39 years, they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Phil's business background is 30+ years in Business Development and Sales. He holds an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Politically Phil has run for Texas State Senate and Texas State House positions alternately every two years since 2006 under the Libertarian Party applying each time to run in races where the incumbent would have been unchallenged.

Phil is active in his church where he is a guitarist and member of the Choir. He is also a member of a Catholic Apostolate, ACTS, that conducts retreats for men and women. Phil has served on the Board of Directors as the Administrator for the last two years Men’s retreats, and Served 3 years on the Core team of this ministry as a Music coordinator.

For more information about Phil, where he stands on issues, please visit his campaign page. As always, the candidates that are the best of the best need our help to fight against the corruption in party politics.

Support him how ever you can, like his FB page, donate to his campaign, or help him knock on doors.


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US House, District 29 - Texas







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