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Robert Smith

US Representative for Missouri
District 4, Libertarian

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Robert Smith, a fellow working class Citizen has always been an entrepreneur at heart, working for himself and picking up a job whenever money was tight. He has worked in factories and distribution most of his adult life and recently opened up his own wholesale distribution company called “Better Days Produce” in an attempt to pursue his own American Dream.

Born in Pensacola, Fl on the Naval Air Station, Robert spent many summers in Nevada, Missouri, and has been living there permanently since 2015. At the age of 35, Robert is married with three children with a fourth on the way.

Robert has decided to run for office, because as he grows older, he is seeing the national debt sore, social security crumbling, and the Constitution being totally ignored. States Rights and the power of the people are being stripped away, as our Representatives constantly fight and fail to work together. Every year, both parties fight to undo the other’s policies and forget their Oath of Office to the Constitution. We are being held back from greatness by the partisan actions of our Representatives.

Failed policies have crushed the middle class while the special interests of the few have taken priority over the majority. With corruption rampant in both parties, Robert is wanting to lead by example of integrity, honor, and virtue, to show what a true representative should be. He hopes to set a precedent for all Americans for what a Candidate that deserves to be voted for looks like. He seeks to end the corruption and lack of accountability for those in power.

On his campaign page, you can find that he vows to self impose term limits, and pledges to serve no more than three terms in the US House of Representatives. He also vows to turn down medical benefits provided by Congress, reject their retirement benefits, and represent his Constituents, rather than lobbyists to his party.

Political Info

Currently Running for
US Representative for Missouri
District 4, Independent


Phone: (417) 321-2895







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