Georgia US Rep District 7

Shane Hazel is a husband, father, Marine Veteran, and Limited Government Republican running for US Representative in Georgia's 7th Congressional District.

"Electing Republicans means nothing if they don't follow through with Republican principles; limited government, individual liberty & personal responsibility.

This is why leadership matters! It will take hard work, but I hope you will join us in the fight for liberty. 2018 has great potential to change the course of history" ~ Shane Hazel

"As a husband, and father of three I will not stand by while usurpers like Woodall continue to irresponsibly spend citizen’s money, growing the national debt outside of the few and defined Constitutionally delegated powers.

May 22nd, vote for a fighter that will call out Democrats and Big Government Republicans like Rob Woodall when they violate their oath of office". ~ SHANE HAZEL

See how Rob spends like there's no tomorrow

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