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Shane T. Hazel

US Senate, Georgia



Shane Hazel, a husband, father and marine veteran standing up for Constitutionalism and Liberty. In 2018, Shane was endorsed by the Constitutional Grassroots Movement when he ran for US House as a Republican against an establishment incumbent, Rob Woodall. Shane unfortunately did not make it past the primaries despite being one of the most Constitutional individuals we've come across.

Following the 2018 Campaign, Shane co-founded a podcast called "The Rebellion" which he has used as a platform to educate people on the Constitution and the importance of Liberty with his partner Banks Wise. Together they have read through the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, interviews other liberty minded candidates and public figures. They engaged in deep conversations about the Constitution and the importance of adhering to it.

Since then, Shane has left the GOP, after being fed up with fake Conservatives and establishment cronyism throughout the party. He is now running for US Senate with the Libertarian nomination.

As a former marine, Shane Hazel has taken his oath to defend the Constitution so seriously, that he became well studied on the subject to the extent that he knows precisely what his oath stands for. He has the work ethic of a champion and the dedication to ensure that he will follow through with his promises to hold our government accountable to the Constitution.

Shane has an astounding amount of knowledge, charisma and determination when it comes to Constitutional adherence. You would be hard pressed to find someone better suited to break the status quo.

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Currently Running for
US Senate - Georgia


Phone: (470) 839-5453




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My mission is to bring people together while preserving the freedom of every individual, regardless of skin color, age, faith, gender, love and every other nuance which make us unique. We must come together and remove the government/corporate cabals from the lives of peaceful people here in the US and around the world. - Shane Hazel

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