Fundamental Principles

Certain Americanist Principles have made the United States the most powerful, revered, influential, and emulated nation in the history of mankind. Without these tenets, the entire world would be a much different place. Culturalism and traditionalism are only pejoratives when they are mentioned in the context of Americanism. Certain ideologies would have one believe that these ideas hinder progress, but fail to acknowledge that they have fostered our great successes.

However, the cultures and traditions of Western Civilization are in danger of being annihilated by those belief systems. Therefore, so is our future. We support the adherence to and promotion of the following imperative principles:

Constitutional Adherence & Separation of Powers

The Constitution should be adhered to 100% and should always be interpreted in the originalist form of interpretation. One reason our republican form of government has functioned so adequately is the delicate balance of powers between the three branches of government. In recent history the lines between the branches continue to be blurred and the Executive and Judicial Branches have usurped power from the Legislative Branch, and all three have expropriated power from the States and the People. This is unacceptable and there must be consequences. Change will never occur until there are more constitutional-minded statesmen in offices throughout the nation. Judicial activism should be met with charges of impeachment and the States should exercise Nullification as a means of remedying the encroachment of their powers.

Economy & Entitlements

The Constitution intends to secure the blessings of liberty for our posterity. We, the People, place upon our own shoulders the responsibility of acting in the best interests of future generations; that they may be a free and prosperous people and not burdened by our excesses. The federal government must live within its means, collecting only the taxes necessary to pay for the programs created under the powers delegated to it in the Constitution. This also requires the planned, intentional, strategic, but gradual phasing out of federal entitlement spending. With less taxes collected to pay for our own largess, more of our incomes will be disposable for charities, churches, and other programs who can better assist the less fortunate.


Taxation was not intended to be used as a form of enslavement. Short Term: Reduce corporate and individual tax rates across the board and drastically reduce spending. Long Term: Once spending has been drastically reduced, unconstitutional regulatory and oversight powers eliminated, and the federal government relegated to it's constitutional role, we then support the repeal of the 16th Amendment and a return to the pre-1913 proportional taxation of the States, along with other constitutional means of revenues, to fund the federal budget.

Foreign Policy

The federal government must facilitate a “peace through strength” approach to foreign policy and avoid the plethora of direct entanglements that fund the military industrial complex. Military conflict is only justified in the matters of fending off an invasion or a direct threat to our national defense, and only following a formal Congressional Declaration of War. Foreign aid to any nation must cease. Membership in the United Nations serves us no purpose, except costing us trillions of dollars and the precious lives of thousands of young Americans. We should withdraw from the UN and remove the UN from within U.S. borders. The federal government must fulfill all promises made to our veterans in a timely manner.


The federal government must administer immigration on an as-needed basis for our nation. Additionally, in a manner consistent with the 4th Amendment rights of the People, we should deport anyone found to be violators of the law.