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Limited Government

“We The People” are the first three words in the Preamble of the United States Constitution. These three words are the bedrock on which the entire federal government was created. We the People granted the federal government only specific and limited, enumerated powers. All others were to be retained by the States or to the People.

The principles behind a limited government were to allow the People to govern themselves and to restrain the government from having the ability to legislate every aspect of our lives.
Our federal government’s size and reach have expanded well beyond those limitations due to many factors, including corruption among elected officials and lack of accountability. This has resulted in a usurpation of the People’s ability to govern themselves.


To effect a return to the proper role of the federal government, we support and promote the planned, intentional, and strategic transfer to the States or to the People, the responsibility of all powers and rights that the federal government has usurped and stolen
from them by the erroneous application of the General Welfare Clause and the Interstate Commerce Clause. Some of these are:

Parental Rights transcend governmental authority at any level. Marriage is a religious institution; therefore, the government should have no role in licensing marriage for anyone.

It is not within the federal government’s delegated powers to regulate or fund education. The great responsibility of educating our children falls directly on the parents
and the People on a local and state level.

The government should not be involved in healthcare, especially the federal government. Repeal the ACA, do not replace. No government subsidies should be granted to
insurance companies. Allow the free market to rule.

Drug Regulation
With the exception of protecting our nation’s borders, the federal government has no constitutional jurisdiction in the regulation of drugs. This is a state issue.

Regulation of private industries is outside the purview of the federal government. We support abolition of the EPA and shifting the responsibilities of environmental preservation and related regulation of private businesses to the States and the free market.

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