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Threat To Our Constitution

Folks, we have a serious issue facing us in the United States today.

Our Constitution is under assault from all directions.

Free Speech Gun Rights Due Process Property Rights Life

The Government is overbearing and over sized. The Government is far too powerful. The Government ignores the Constitution.

When our Constitution is under assault from all direction, we must be prepared to defend it from all assaults. The best way to defend the Constitution is to be educated on the Constitution.

If we fail to uphold the Constitution, we will lose our Republic which was established by the Constitution.

If we wish to restore the Constitution, we must unite behind it, and go on the offensive to RESTORE Constitutional values which have been taken away. We can no longer afford to just try to maintain the values that we are barely clinging on to.

Here are some excellent sources for self-study if you ever seek to do some digging yourselves.

These 3 sources will give you almost every single answer you could ever hope for with regards to the Constitution. |Jessie Rude.

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