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Rik Combs

Governor for Missouri

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Rik Combs grew up on a cattle farm and graduated from the University of Alabama before he entered the US Air Force. After spending nearly 30 years in the USAF he retired as a field grade officer and became the CEO of Baron AG in Gainesville Florida from 2006-2009.

He moved to Jefferson City in 2009, and settled in Cole County. Highly active in their community, Rik and his wife Jill actively donate to local charities and reach out to help contribute to a healthy community for residents.

Having also ran for office in 2018 for State House in district 59 and received 16.9% of the vote giving him some name recognition to start the 2020 cycle for Governor. Rik Combs is running with the ambitions to disrupt the Corporate and Special Interest lobbying systems. He believes that the machine politics and establishment insiders have controlled the political field in Missouri for too long, and it is time to take a stand for traditional American values and Constitutionalism.

Seeking to restore a Constitutionally limited Government will allow for Free Enterprise and Liberty to return for all Missouri Residents. He is as pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-liberty of a candidate as you can find. With a very strong sense of duty having served in the Armed Forces, Rik Combs is very well studied on the Constitution and knows what it means to take an Oath to the Constitution.

Political Info

Currently Running for
US Representative for California
District 25, Republican


Phone: (573) 644-3570





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